How to find and accept a request?

  1. Make sure your phone’s Location Services are turned on. The app will not work without this. 
  2. On the home screen you will see 4 options for request types: Nearby Requests, Anywhere Requests, Contest or Findyr Reporter. Select one of the request types.


  1. Select a request: You may view the request details by tapping on the orange point on the map or selecting it in the list. The details include the address of the request, it’s distance from your current location, the number of text questions, pictures, and videos in the request and also the payment amount for completing the request.
    • Nearby Requests: These requests will only be available depending on your current location and must be completed at the location provided. Nearby Requests are the various orange pointers shown on the map.
    • Anywhere Requests: These are requests that may be done at any location you wish. Select a request from the list. 


    • Contests: We hold various contests throughout the year and anyone can participate. Prizes for contests are listed in the request description. You can send multiple submissions to increase your chances of winning. 

                  Click here to learn more about Findyr Contests

    • Findyr Reporter: Use Findyr Reporter to send in news that are happening around you. Tap the photo or video icons to select how you are going to capture the news, then complete the request. 

                  Click here to learn more about Findyr Reporter

                  See Findyr Reporter News at


  1. Once you choose to “Accept This Request” a timer will begin. Once this time period is over, we will no longer accept the submission. If you are no longer able to complete a request that you have accepted you may cancel the request by selecting it and tapping “cancel this request”.


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