How do I receive payment and when will I be paid?

  1. Once the request is completed it will disappear from the map. After it is approved by our staff, you will be credited for completing the request. You can see the status of your request by tapping on “My Answers” on the home screen. “My answers” shows requests that you have completed in the past.
  2. To access payment and cash out, access the sidebar menu in the top left hand corner of the Findyr homepage and then tap “Payments.” This will take you to the Payments screen where it will show the total amount in your Findyr account and the available payment methods.

  3. Select the preferred method of payment and put in the email address associated with your account. The selected method of payment can be indicated with a black checkmark in the box to the right of the account.
  4. Select your prefered payment method when your account has reached the minimum amount to cash out and tap “Submit For Payment”

***Please note that the minimum for payouts are the following:

Paypal: $20
Skrill: $20
Western Union: $150

Western Union is only available in countries where Skrill and PayPal are not available. 



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