How do I complete a request?

    1. If you wish to complete the request tap “Accept This Request” and when you are ready to perform the request tap “Do Request Now” otherwise you may choose to postpone and tap “Do Request later.”
    2. When you are ready to complete the request, tap “Do Request Now.”
        To answer text questions select the white rectangle below the question and begin to fill out the information.
      To take photos press the camera icon and it will then access your device’s camera.
      For capturing videos, select the video icon and it will access your device’s camera.

      Remember to turn your device horizontally. All picture and video submissions must be taken in a landscape view. If you would like to retake a picture or video, you may do so by going back to the request and selecting the screenshot of the picture or video captured.  All videos and pictures must be original and taken with the app unless otherwise noted.

    3. After all required fields are complete tap “Submit” to send us the collected data. When you tap “Submit” and the app will automatically save your answers. You will see an option to upload via 3G which will use cellular data if you chose it. If you do not have 3G, the app will automatically upload your answers once it detects Wi-Fi.​


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