Findyr Payments Policy

Effective: November, 2016

Payment Methods

Findyr is capable of making payments to users via PayPal and Skrill. In countries where neither option is available, Findyr may make payments via Western Union.

Findyr aims to process all payments within 5 business days. However, this time frame may vary slightly depending on the payment method.

Withdrawal Requirements

In order to withdraw their balances users must:

• Have completed their profile in the Findyr App
• Provide a valid account email for Skrill or PayPal
• Withdraw their balance under their own names and/or to an account they own
• Have the minimum withdrawal balance


Withdrawal Amounts

A user can withdraw their Findyr balance at any time as long as the amount is greater than the minimum requirement. Any withdrawal will be for the full balance in an account. Users cannot withdraw partial amounts from their Findyr balance.

The minimum withdrawal amounts are as follows:

• Skrill: 20 dollars
• PayPal: 20 dollars
• Western Union: 150 dollars

Findyr Account Balance Transfer

All Findyr accounts and balances are individual and cannot be shared amongst users. Users cannot transfer their balance to another account.

Remember: Western Union will only be available to users residing in countries where PayPal and Skrill are not available.

Payment Restrictions

Following the guidelines of the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Findyr does not make payments to users:

• Who reside in countries or regions where payment of funds is prohibited
• Who appear on the OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List


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